Articles on fitness and musings on current events affecting veterans, military, law enforcement, and anyone else that runs towards the sound of the guns.​

  • In Pursuit of Purpose

    Posted on June 08 2019

    A common refrain among veterans is that post-military, they feel as though they’ve lost their sense of purpose. Second perhaps only to losing a brother, this loss seems to have...

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  • The Power of Why: Stop Being A Sheep

    Posted on May 28 2019

    In 2017, a Google employee wrote a memo surmising why women are so scarce in the technology sector of Silicon Valley. As I understand it, the memo does not disparage...

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  • Raising the Dead(lift)

    Posted on April 28 2019

    There’s little doubt that the Deadlift is one of the greatest full body strength builders of all time, particularly for the Tactical Athlete. Whether we like it or not, the...

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  • AP Level Powerlifting: Your First Meet

    Posted on March 18 2019

    I’d just loaded another plate on the bar for my lifting partner, Rod, as we both continued our warmups. We were at about 225lbs now, a good three or four...

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  • Powerlifting Meet Prep Part 2

    Posted on January 01 2019

    “On a scale of 1-10, how much does it hurt?” Anyone who has been to a doctor with some sort of injury has been asked this question. Of course the...

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  • Powerlifting Meet Prep Part 1

    Posted on December 07 2018

    A “Tactical Athlete” should typically train like any “Hybrid Athlete.” What this means is that a Tactical Athlete should have the strength, endurance, speed and power to do whatever he...

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