Articles on fitness and musings on current events affecting veterans, military, law enforcement, and anyone else that runs towards the sound of the guns.​

  • The Battle Against Low-T

    Posted on August 21 2018

    "Not me bro. Have you seen the size of my truck?" Well, it turns out that maybe you are compensating for something.  Recently, The Havok Journal posted an article by author...

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  • The War On Men

    Posted on June 28 2018

    I can’t help but notice an increase recently in posts and articles that denigrate the idea of manhood, manliness, and just being a man in general. It seems that if...

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  • The Baffling Thing About Police

    Posted on June 11 2018

    When I was around 17 years of age, I drove a Camaro T-Top that I'd purchased with my own money. My first car was a Ford Tempo so the Camaro,...

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  • The Warrior Ethos: After the Smoke Clears

    Posted on May 17 2018

    “The primitive and often even atavistic aspects of the battlefield test the physical and mental agility of everyone, but most of what it tests is the courage and the spiritual...

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  • Cheaters Sometimes Prosper

    Posted on April 08 2018

    There is debate in the fitness community about the use of cheats to lift more, move faster, etc… These cheats include wraps (knee and elbow), belt, squat suits, deadlift straps,...

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