Elite SRS Pro Freestyle Jump Rope



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Program Included

The ultimate go-anywhere conditioning tool, Jump Ropes have been a staple of athletic conditioning for decades. Benefits include: 

  1. Improved coordination and trains for quick feet
  2. Improved stability in the ankle joint and foot helping to prevent injury
  3. Deployability. Bring them anywhere, wherever the mission leads
  4. Improved bone density in your legs, keeping your foundation stable & strong
  5. Increased conditioning without stress to the knees or lower extremities
  6. More calories burned than running keeping you lean for the mission

The Elite SRS Pro Freestyle Rope has a 4mm PVC Cord durable enough to support all terrains, wherever you find yourself training. Its snap/lock system can be adjusted to support all body types and sizes. 

Included with each rope is a custom made *Programming Guide download designed by Sheepdog Strong that includes fitting instructions, 9 different jumping movements, and 13 circuits that incorporate Jump Rope conditioning. 

*Your Program will be available for download when the jump rope ships. 

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