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The Jump Rope is an often under-rated, under-utilized tool in athletic conditioning. But it's benefits cannot be denied. 

The Jump Rope is the ultimate go anywhere tool. Jam a rope in your pack and wherever you find yourself, get a quick conditioning session in with less stress on your joints than standard running.

Additionally, the Jump Rope increases bone density in your lower body helping with all of those forced marches.

Finally, studies show that jumping rope actually burns more calories than running keeping you lean for the fight. 

That's why we created this 15 page Jump Rope guide. This program includes:

  • A guide to help you select the correct rope for your needs
  • How-to appropriately size your Jump Rope
  • Multiple, unique movement patterns
  • 7 suggested Jump Rope routines that can be used as a Warmup, a Finisher, or even a Cool-Down
  • 12 Full Body Circuits that incorporate the Jump Rope across various movement patterns

Who this program is for:

Anyone seeking to increase athleticism, conditioning and quick feet.

Anyone who needs to stay in shape while traveling.

What you'll need:

Upon selecting the correct rope that meets your training goals, all you need is a place with high enough ceilings! Most of the exercise circuits included in this program are bodyweight movements. However, there are a few circuits that incorporate kettlebells, medicine balls, and a barbell if you find yourself in a gym.

This program is available for download upon purchase.

If you have further questions about this guide or have issues with the download, please email us at alpha@sheepdogstrong.com.

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