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Whether it's from gym shutdowns or you're simply deployed to the middle of nowhere, our ability to train optimally in a gym environment is often limited. Yet it is precisely in those times, when everything is crazy around us, that we need to not only maintain strength, power and stamina, but also build on it. The 12-week, minimal equipment Apocalypse Plan addresses this need. 

This program utilizes bodyweight movements as well as sandbags (or a ruck) and progressively gets more difficult as the weeks continue on. It is not simply a series of random bodyweight workouts like many offer. There IS progression in this program creating an increase in strength, power, and stamina. And it will get hard. This program provides 5 training days per week with a mix of upper-body or lower-body focus along with full body strength, power and circuit days. 

Who this program is for:

This program is designed for anyone who is deployed in remote locations or lacking access to a gym due to travel. This program can be done in any park, hotel room, or deep in the woods on the run from whatever is coming at you. 

But it is also for anyone that is coming back from a long time off in the gym due to injury or otherwise. Mastering your body movements and working in unstable environments will set you up for success in any environment at any time while guarding against future injury. 

What you'll need:

This program does require a suspension trainer (such as TRX) and a sandbag (such as those sold by Brute Force) or a good, sturdy pack. A pack that you can stuff with books, papers, or even a sandbag is simply fine and actually may be better for developing grip strength. Lastly, we do incorporate some jumping rope. You can get one of those here.

There are two documents associated with this program. One is an introduction to the program itself and the other is an excel spreadsheet containing the 12-week program along with full exercise descriptions. Only the program is available for download at this time. The introduction manual will be sent separately via email. Please provide a good email address at checkout to receive this second document. 

As always, we are here for you. If you have any issues with the download or have any questions on the movements, don't hesitate to reach out at!

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