Power Program for the Tactical Athlete



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"Power is proportional to the speed in which you can apply maximal force."

It's one thing to be strong. It's another to be powerful. This 6 week program is designed to build upon a solid strength foundation and increase the application of that strength within the Tactical Environment.

This program contains 78 pages of tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your training and a daily workout with descriptions that tells you everything you need to do to perform at your best.

Who this program is for:

Power is strength applied rapidly. It's doing more than stopping someone or that thing. It's putting that someone back on his head. This program is for those with a solid foundation in strength and now need that shock factor that only comes from true power. 

What you'll need:

Most of what you need can be found in any base or commercial gym. But due to the incorporation of some Olympic lifts, bumper plates would be a good idea. One day each week there will be a strongman style circuit that suggests the use of sandbags, sleds, tires, or farmers walk handles. If you don't have these things, Sheepdog Strong offers some of these items. This program also includes a discount code good for 10% off any of our equipment offerings. Otherwise, don't hesitate to email us and ask for good substitute movements. 

Your support network:

Whether it be accountability, video form critiques, or in need of an answer to a question, we've got your back. Just shoot us an email at alpha@sheepdogstrong.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

This program is available to download upon purchase. 

If for some reason you don't receive or have trouble with the download, please email us at alpha@sheepdogstrong.com to receive a copy.

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