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Strength is the foundation upon which to build. Without strength, there is no power and no stamina. This 16 Week Program was created for just that, to build pure Strength and Power in the Tactical Athlete. 

Most workouts performed in the military or in police academy's are ill suited to handle the real world requirements of the force. Typically they include long distance runs and bodyweight exercises in shorts and sneakers that can often detract from overall strength and do not sufficiently replicate scenario's in the field. Then once gear is added and brothers need to be dragged from the battlefield, individuals find that they are not performing optimally to continue the fight.

This program is based on proven methods in the gym utilizing tools such as the barbell, kettlebells and a small mix of strongman implements, utilizing methods that have lasted through time. Our goal is to help you push more, pull more and move faster under load, making you more efficient in the performance of your duties. 

Who this program is for:

Strength takes a long time to build as compared to endurance and is critical to performance in your duties. If you're not deadlifting 1.5 - 2 times your bodyweight, you're not bringing the best of yourself to the team. While this program focuses on strength building, it also boosts the power component to ensure you are harnessing that power when it matters. 

What you'll need:

Most of what you will need can be found in base / station gyms. This includes a squat rack, barbell and plates, dumbbells, medicine balls and kettlebells. We also incorporate a lot of strongman activities such as sled dragging and farmers walks as well as encourage use of sandbags as we feel these tools translate well to real-life, tactical scenario's. When an odd implement is used, we try to offer a substitute when able. 

You're support network:

We've got your six. You didn't get where you are entirely on your own. By purchasing this program, you will have direct access to a Sheepdog Strong Tactical Coach to answer any and all questions you may have related to the program or exercises. 

This program is available by download upon purchase.

If you have further questions about this program or have issues with the download, please email us at

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